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Faculty Complaints and Recourse


Many faculty complaints can be addressed by discussing the matter with the department chair or school director.  If the matter concerns the performance of the chair or if the chair cannot resolve the issue, the matter can be taken to the dean. Several other mechanisms for handling complaints are described below.

Center for Human Rights

Any complaint regarding discrimination or sexual harassment should be brought to the attention of the Center for Human Rights.  University Policies on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and on Faculty-student Relationships appear below.

Faculty Status Committee

The Faculty Status Committee (FSC) adjudicates disputes among faculty members and between faculty members and the administration (e.g., denials of tenure and/or promotion). Any member of the faculty, including fixed-term (temporary) faculty, may bring a problem to the attention of the Committee. The Committee currently has ten tenured members, each serving for three years.  FSC can also designate other members of the faculty to assist with its work.  The Committee is nominated and elected by, and responsible to, the faculty. It writes reports and makes recommendations to the faculty and to the President. FSC also periodically reports to the Faculty Senate and to the faculty concerning its operations.

University Ombudsman

The ombudsman functions as an impartial and neutral resource to provide information relating to university policies and procedures.  He or she also facilitates the resolution of problems and grievances through informal investigation and mediation.

Wilson Hall, Room 2

Counseling Center

You may meet with a counselor from the WSU Counseling Center.

280 Lighty Student Services Building

If All Else Fails

If you are still uncertain about what to do, please contact Kristina Peterson-Wilson in the Office of the Provost at (509) 335-8915.