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Faculty Awards and Recognition

Previous Awards

Carnegie Professor of the Year Nominees

2004Roger Schlesinger
2003Tom Brigham
2002Steven Parish
2001Steven Parish and Joe Ayres
2000Carol Sheppard, Kenneth Fridley, and Stephen Hines*
1999Kenneth Fridley
1998No nominee selected
1997Richard W. Crain
1996Kenneth Carper and Larry Davis
1995Kenneth Carper and Larry Davis
1994Michael Moody and Larry Davis
1993D. LeRoy Ashby*
1992Birgitta Ingemanson
1991Calvin T. Long
1990D. LeRoy Ashby* and Glenn A. Crosby
1989D. LeRoy Ashby
1988Calvin T. Long, Gerald L. Young and D. LeRoy Ashby
1986Glenn A. Crosby
1985Donald W. Bushaw and D. LeRoy Ashby
1984Donald W. Bushaw
1983Glenn A. Crosby
1982Glenn A. Crosby
1981Glenn A. Crosby
*Awarded State Professor of the Year.

Bryn Mawr Recipients

Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration Bryn Mawr College and Hers, Mid-America Recipients Form 1983 to 2003.
YearRecipient's Name
2003Elizabeth Walker
2002Danna Moore
2001Barbara Rasco
1999Sandra Ristow
1998Mary Kay McFadden
1997Nancy Bell
1996Laila Miletic-Vejzovic
1995LoAnn Ayers
1994Lavon Frazier
1993Sarah Recken
1992Dona Thompson
1991Muriel Oaks
1990Myrna Hall
1989Susanna Finnell
1988Susan McLeod
1987Gail Chermak
1986Madeleine Mitchell
1985WSU did not fund an applicant
1984Dagmar Cronn
1983Sue Durrant

Marian E. Smith Faculty Achievement Award

Formerly Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award
Recipient's Name
Gregory W. Yasinitsky
Kimberlee K. Kidwell
Joseph K. Campbell
Phillip L. Senger
Richard S. Zack
J. Thomas Dickinson
Lynda Paznokas
Mary Bloodsworth
Carol Sheppard
Kenneth J. Fridley
Kim Singhrs
Kenneth Kardong
1995Stephen A. Hines
Kathy A. Beerman
Michael Owens and Bashir Kazimee
Paul Brians
Carolyn Clark
Roger Schlesinger and Douglas W. King
Kirk D. McMichael and Susan H. McLeod
Birgitta M. Ingemanson and David L. Coon
Catherine M. Bicknell and Jack Schuman
Karen P. DePauw and David M. Scott
Jack M. Robertson and William F. Mullen

Phillip C. Holland Lectureship

Date of Lecture
Sponsoring College
Fall 2008Dr. Daniel C. DennetCosponsor with Potter Lectureship
Spring 2007Dr. John D. BransfordColleges of Engineering, Education and Honors
Spring 2006
Dr. Shirley Jackson*College of Engineering and College of Sciences
Fall 2005Dr. Luigi Luca Cavalli-SforzaCollege of Liberal Arts and College of Sciences
Spring 2004
Doug McAdam
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 2003
Peter Senge
Spring 2002
Richard Tapia
College of Sciences
Spring 2001
Thomas Hoban
College of Agriculture and Home Economics, College of Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Business and Economics
Spring 2000
Daniel Sumner
College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Spring 2000
Stanley Pruisner
College of Veterinary Medicine (approved Fall 1998)
Fall 1998
Mary T. Kalin Arroyo
College of Sciences
Spring 1997
Robert Kaplan
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1996
Jane Brody
College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Spring 1995
Larry Palmer
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1994
Thomas Powers
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1993
Hazel Carby
College of Liberal Arts
Fall 1991
Robert Audi
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1990
Mary Frances Berry
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1989
Linda Nochlin
College of Liberal Arts
Fall 1988
Al Crosby
College of Liberal Arts
Fall 1986
William G. Ouchi
College of Business and Economics
Spring 1986
John Goodiand
College of Education
Spring 1986
Terrell Bell
College of Education
Spring 1985
Herbert Simon
College of Veterinary Medicine
Spring 1984
Herman Lujan
College of Liberal Arts
Spring 1983
Micheal Latham, Eugene Garfield
Agriculture and Home Economics, Libraries
Spring 1982
Juanita Kreps, Paul Berg, Amos Rapport
College of Liberal Arts, College of Sciences, College of Home Economics, and College of Engineering