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Faculty Teaching Portfolio



1. Student successes
Examples: Noteworthy achievements of students (in awards, admissions to graduate school, employment, other accomplishments), for which the faculty member claims a significant part of the credit.

2. Instructional materials
Examples: Textbooks, workbooks, manuals, visual aids, software, etc.

3. Contributions to the scholarship of teaching
“The scholarship of teaching” treats teaching itself (especially in one’s discipline) as a subject of scholarly discourse. Results may include oral presentations, papers in appropriate journals, etc.

In items 2 and 3, data about publications should be presented in some standard style.

4. Other results

Appendix or Exhibits

These may include: detailed information (syllabi, student evaluation forms, reports of peer evaluations, grade distributions, etc.) about specific courses and other teaching activities; copies of materials listed under D.2; preprints or offprints of items listed under D.3; etc.