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Teaching Portfolio Guidelines

In order to have uniformity, the teaching portfolio should be prepared according to the following guidelines.

For pre-tenure, instructor and Clinical rank faculty, a summary of student evaluations of teaching should be included in the appendix to the teaching portfolio for all courses. The synopsis should include the average “score” on the uniform college questions. Complete sets of student comments should be provided for two courses. For faculty members being considered for promotion to professor, summaries are only required for courses taught in the past four years.

At the time of third-year review or tenure and promotion, in the Chair’s summary, the Chair will provide an analysis of the “scores,” putting them in the context of the level of class taught, typical scores at that level, and any other explanatory notes that would aid others in their interpretation.

Syllabi from two courses must be submitted. Lecture notes or volumes of course materials should not be submitted. If both graduate and undergraduate courses have been taught, a syllabus from each level should be included. The syllabus should be appended to the tenure and promotion “Teaching Portfolio” tab on the SharePoint site. The body of the portfolio should not exceed five pages but the syllabi may be longer. Additional materials can be appended.

Departments will conduct peer evaluation of teaching according to policies developed in the departments. There will be at least two classroom visits by department faculty in the year of the third year review and the year before consideration for tenure and promotion. Departments may opt for annual peer review of teaching. A short description of the observations will be provided to the Chair, given to the faculty member observed, and included in the materials presented for review. The Office of the Provost strongly suggests that the faculty member’s mentoring committee observe instruction during the first year of appointment, so as to assist in rapid progress in instructional proficiency.