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Faculty Tenure and Promotion

Performance Reviews

The faculty review process is detailed and thorough.  The results of this process are used to determine raises and promotion among other things.  Each part of the faculty review process is described below. This process is governed by the Faculty Manual and faculty members are urged to acquaint themselves with that document.  To make the review process as transparent as possible, a session on faculty performance reviews is included in New Faculty Orientation; a guide is available that describes and interprets the review processes for faculty members and two workshops on faculty performance reviews are offered each year.

The Annual Review

Each year, every faculty member at WSU is given a performance review. The review is the responsibility of the department chair or school director, although the chair may request help from a committee. Annual review covers only performance in the last calendar year. The review process begins when a faculty member describes his or her activities for the previous year by filling out an online, web-based annual review form. The chair then reviews this performance, summarizes it for the dean, and assigns a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 high). A rating of 3 indicates “meets expectations.” Faculty members must sign their annual reviews to indicate that they have read them. A faculty member may also request a meeting with the chair to discuss the annual review. If a faculty member disagrees with his or her review, (s)he may attach written comments that are then reviewed by the dean and provost. The results of annual reviews are used to determine the merit portion of raises. Under most circumstances, the results of these evaluations should also lead logically to the eventual tenure and/or promotion decision.

Workshops on Faculty Performance Reviews

Workshops are held each year to discuss faculty performance reviews. These workshops may be of interest to all faculty members because they deal with annual review.