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Faculty Awards and Recognition

Faculty award videos

Eminent Faculty Award

Video: 2017 recipient Kelvin Lynn
Video: 2016 recipient Joe Pooviah
VIdeo: 2015 recipient John Reganold

Faculty Address

Video: 2017 recipient Douglas Call

Faculty Diversity Award

Video: 2017 recipient Paul Kwon
Video: 2016 recipient Paula Groves-Price
Video: 2015 recipient Pamela J. Bettis

President’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Video: 2017 recipient Xiaopeng Bi
Video: 2017 recipient Debra Brinker
Video: 2016 recipient Karl Olsen
Video: 2016 recipient Lisa Carloye
Video: 2015 recipient Nicholas Cerruti
Video: 2015 recipient Kate McAteer

President’s Employee Excellence Award

Video: 2017 recipient Raul Garza
Video: 2017 recipient Don Hulst
Video: 2017 recipient Darrel Nelson
Video: 2017 recipient Tom Parrish
Video: 2017 recipient Josue Rodriguez

Sahlin Faculty Excellence Awards

Video: 2017 recipient for Leadership, Craig Parks
Video: 2017 recipient for Outreach, Douglas Walsh
Video: 2017 recipient for Research, Douglas Call
Video: 2016 recipient for Instruction, Charles Munson
Video: 2016 recipient for Research, Scholarship and Arts, Diane Cook
Video: 2016 recipient for Leadership, John Roll
Video: 2016 recipient for Outreach and Engagement, Carol Black
Video: 2015 recipient for Instruction, Kris Johnson
Video: 2015 recipient for Research, Scholarship and Arts, Ken Nash
Video: 2015 recipient for Leadership, Vicki McCracken
Video: 2015 recipient for Outreach and Engagement, Kim Patten

Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award

Video: 2017 recipient Julia Pomerenk
Video: 2016 recipient Laura Lavine
Video: 2015 recipient Sheila Converse

V. Lane Rawlins Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service

Video: 2017 recipient Nancy Magnuson
Video: 2016 recipient Frances K. McSweeney
Video: 2015 recipient Ken Casavant