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Faculty Teaching Portfolio


The “Evaluation” section in a portfolio should consist chiefly of summaries of data from whatever methods for evaluating teaching are used—not only evaluation by students. The data themselves may be attached in exhibits or offered as available on request. Some faculty members may wish to include explanations or rejoinders for evaluations which they believe to be potentially misleading.

1. Student evaluations

Examples: Results of student questionnaires; interviews of students; the one-minute essay and other forms of “classroom research.”

2. Measures of student learning

Direct evidence of the extent and quality of learning by the faculty member’s students, e.g. performance on appropriate standardized tests.

3. Peer evaluation

Reports from respected colleagues who have visited classes, examined instructional materials, talked with the faculty member, etc. Letters from colleagues may also be useful.

4. Letters from students, alumni, and employers of alumni

Solicited letters, e.g. from former students, are not likely to carry the credibility of unsolicited statements.

5. Teaching awards

Something should be said about the character of the awards if the names are not self-explanatory.

6. Other evaluations